From its fascinating surroundings like the Lonquimay Volcano to the thrill of outdoor activities, Malalcahuello National Reserve is the perfect place for a winter vacation.

Located in the Araucanía region, surrounded by imposing mountains and lush forests, you'll find Malalcahuello National Reserve, a hidden treasure in the heart of Chile that invites you to immerse yourself in its natural beauty and enjoy thrilling outdoor adventures such as skiing, snowboarding, and other exciting attractions.

The history of Malalcahuello dates back to ancient times when Mapuche communities inhabited these lands. The name "Malalcahuello" comes from their language, Mapudungun, and means "twisted stream." This name evokes the image of winding rivers that flow through the valleys and mountains of the reserve, adding even more charm to this unique place.

As you venture into Malalcahuello National Reserve, you'll encounter the small and charming town that bears the same name. This picturesque village welcomes you with open arms, offering an authentic and welcoming experience. Its cobblestone streets, wooden houses, and the kindness of its inhabitants will transport you to a traditional Chilean atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

But that's not all, Malalcahuello National Reserve offers much more than just skiing. For adventurous thrill-seekers, here you'll find a wide range of activities to enjoy. Imagine zooming through the treetop canopy in an exhilarating canopy experience, pushing your limits by rappelling down pristine waterfalls, or kayaking in the crystal-clear rivers of the area.

If you're a mountain biking enthusiast, you can't miss the opportunity to explore the scenic trails of Malalcahuello on two wheels. And for trekking lovers, Malalcahuello National Reserve offers a variety of trails that will take you to discover hidden corners and unparalleled panoramic views. Plus, you'll have the chance to admire the majestic Lonquimay Volcano, an imposing mountain that rises towards the sky and offers a breathtaking natural spectacle.

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Recommendations in Malalcahuello National Reserve

Learn to ski: The true gem of Malalcahuello lies in its surroundings. Just on the outskirts of the reserve, you'll find the famous Corralco Ski Resort, a winter paradise that will delight ski and snowboard enthusiasts. With over 1,800 skiable hectares, an impressive network of slopes, and modern facilities, this ski resort is a dream come true for winter sports enthusiasts. We recommend an eight-day and seven-night ski week for beginners at Hotel Corralco, including full equipment and lessons to learn to ski in the best way possible.

Hotel Termas de Malalcahuello: If you want to rest and enjoy an oasis of peace and tranquility, Hotel Termas de Malalcahuello awaits you in the mountains, allowing you to enjoy its thermal pools throughout the year. Relax in the pool and thermal jacuzzi, and schedule your appointment for a facial mask treatment. This four-day and three-night program at the Termas de Malalcahuello is ideal for couples.

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