Green and sustainable tourism is one of the world trends when choosing a destination. What will be the 3 most sustainable destinations in Chile?

According to the "Top 100 Sustainable Destination" list we will tell you about the 3 greenest destinations in our country.

1. Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve: Located in the Los Ríos Region at the foot of the Andes mountain range, we will find this project to conserve the natural and cultural heritage, in the midst of native flora and fauna. If you want to know the reservation, travel with us in this 2 day travel program.

2. Isla de Chiloé: With a great cultural and traditional variety, the Isla Grande de Chiloé has positioned itself as one of the greenest places in Chile. The 16 wooden churches that are Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, the local manpower and the "curanto" (cooking at low heat under the earth) turn the island into a destination that you have to know at least once in your life. Do you want to travel to Chiloé with us?

3. Cape Horn: One of the southernmost areas of the world is Cape Horn, which has a botanical garden in Omora Park with more than a thousand hectares with an impressive biodiversity of mosses, lichens and insects that represent 5% of the existing species.

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