Get ready for a day full of wonders on Chiloé Island, which hides ancestral secrets and dazzling landscapes.

Perhaps a day may not seem like enough, but with just a few hours, you'll fall in love with the charm of Chiloé Island, a place where nature, history, and culture intertwine to offer a unique travel experience. Here, you'll discover the wonders, excitement, and treasures tucked away in this magical land over the Pacific Ocean.

Located in southern Chile, the Big Island of Chiloé is the largest in the archipelago of the same name. With a rich history dating back to indigenous cultures, the island has preserved its unique identity over the years, and its natural beauty makes it an unmissable destination, surrounded by mysticism and fantastic stories and legends.

Below, we'll tell you everything you can do on Chiloé Island in just one day.

The adventure begins on a ferry

Before reaching Chiloé, the journey starts in the picturesque town of Pargua, south of Puerto Varas, where an exciting ferry will take us across the mystical Chacao Channel. As we sail, if luck is on our side, we might have the chance to admire the local marine life, from playful sea lions to majestic pelicans.

The ocean journey ends on the shores of Chacao, where typical Alerce wood constructions welcome us, symbolizing the island's ancestral stories. We'll explore the San Antonio de Chacao Church, declared a National Monument, immersing ourselves in the unique architecture that defines this region.

The journey continues to Dalcahue, a town facing Quinchao Island. Its waterfront hosts a traditional palafito gastronomic market, offering a breathtaking view that will delight our senses. The Craft Fair stands out, where the skill of local artisans comes to life for us to take home a memento of the trip. Be sure to have your camera ready before heading to the Our Lady of Sorrows Church, an architectural gem recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After enjoying the traditional curanto for lunch, the last stop awaits you: Castro, the vibrant capital of the Big Island of Chiloé. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the Manuel Montt Palafitos from the traditional Gamboa Viewpoint, where you'll take one of the best photos of your day in Chiloé. The iconic San Francisco Church awaits you in front of the lively city square. Also, don't miss the Castro craft market, the largest on Chiloé Island.

The Chiloé experience also includes the farewell. To traverse the island again to return to Chacao and take the boat, to admire the beauty of the ocean from the ferry, and to watch the Sun bid farewell from that Pacific point is a farewell that fills the soul.

How to explore Chiloé in one day?

If you want to be enchanted by the charm of Chiloé, this city tour of Castro and Dalcahue, with departures from Puerto Varas, will take you to see the best of this beautiful island in just one day. Remember that, depending on daily operations, there may be a change in the order of the points to visit, and museums and churches are closed on Mondays.

For more information about this city tour on Chiloé Island or other programs in the archipelago, contact The Big Island of Chiloé awaits you.

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