When it begins, when it ends, where to go, everything about the 2019 Ski Season in South America

Ski season is approaching and although the weather conditions don’t assure a specific date for skiing or snowboarding in Chile, we can give you tentative dates when the ski resorts plan to open their doors. 

When the ski season begins

  • Portillo: June 22
  • Valle Nevado: June 21
  • Nevados de Chillán: June 28
  • Corralco: June 21
  • El Colorado: Date unannounced 
  • La Parva: Date unannounced 
  • V. Osorno: Date unannounced 

When the ski season ends: 

Just as the start of the ski season, the end also depends on the weather conditions, but it is possible to give an estimated end date of the ski resorts based on information from past years. The end of the ski season in Chile is approximately between September and October depending on the ski resort and it’s location. In the Central Andes the season extends until October, while in the south and Patagonia it lasts until November and December for backcountry spots. 

What is the busy time of the ski season?

The majority of the ski resorts consider the busiest times to be weekends, winter vacations which are the second and third week of July, and the holiday Fiestas Patrias the 18 and 19 of September. 

Ski resorts in Chile 

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