If you are planning your vacation, you can’t miss the National Reserve Lake Jeinimeni located a few kilometers from Chile Chico in Aysén Patagonia.

Most travelers cross Lake General Carrera from Puerto Ibáñez to Chile Chico and stay one more day to tour the city. However here we will tell you the best kept secret of this place: the Jeinimeni National Reserve, its lunar valley and its Calypso lagoons that will leave you impressed. Do you want to live this experience yourself?

The tour picked us up at 7:30 in the morning to take advantage of the day. It all started with a trekking to the lunar valley, a walk of about 7 kilometers up the hill to see some rock formations of strong colors, more similar to the landscapes that are in San Pedro de Atacama that you will find in Patagonia.

The Lunar Valley has been caused by the force of the wind and has eroded its rocks leaving pointed ridges of colors, holes and steep cliffs. We stay there, stunned ... looking at something we never imagined.

After having some rest, we went down in 4x4 truck to the camping area where Lake Jeinimeni is. The landscape changes from Patagonian steppe to something leafier with trees of nirre, lenga and calafate with views of Lake Jeinimeni and the Esmeralda lagoon.

There we got on our bikes and went down the dirt road that surrounds the lake. The adventure became more entertaining when we had to cross the Jeinimeni River on top of the bike. Do you want to do this tour with us?.

Other attractions of the Jeinimeni National Reserve

Cueva de las manos: In the Lunar Valley we find the famous "Cueva de las Manos", which are manifestations of Patagonian rock art that date back more than 10 thousand years, being one of the oldest in South America. It is believed that some of these paintings were made by the Tehuelches and others by groups predecessors of them.

Laguna Verde: If you like trekking and you are camping within the reserve, we recommend you to reach the famous Laguna Verde, located at the end of the trail that runs along the shore of Lake Jeinimeni.