Tradition, culture, history, heritage and much more. Do you want to know what Santa Rita Vineyard really was? A world between history and wine.

10 things you need to know if you want to visit the Santa Rita Vineyard. Remember that this vineyard is much more than just wine.

1. Under the cellars were found tombs of an indigenous people who inhabit this area in the year 500.  According to various researches could indicate that they were people of the culture Llolleo.

2. By this place passed an Inca road QhapagÑan, that was traced in 1400.

3. One of its most emblematic wines is 120. The story tells that Bernardo O'Higgins and 120 men hid in the big house (in their cellars), after fighting against the Spanish army for National Independence.

4. The "La Panadería" coffee corresponds to the old ovens and kneaders of the farm.

5. Today you can visit the Andean Museum which has a sample of more than 200 pre-Columbian art items.

6. The Santa Rita Vineyard in 1880 became an important space for the Catholic Church and a place of rest and retreat for priests and nuns from various congregations.

7. At the same time, a theater, a school, a soccer field, houses for tenants and a Santa Rita railway were built. It was almost considered a town in itself.

8. By 1911 in the Hacienda Santa Rita worked more than 130 families.

9. In 1972 its houses, parks and warehouses were declared historical monuments.

10. Violeta Parra lived in the Santa Rita vineyard and it was here that she met a woman who transmitted her passion for music.

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