Luxurious and perfectly located: This are the best All-inclusive Hotels in Patagonia Chile

In Chile, we have luxury hotels, avant-garde design and excellent service that have been noticed in international lists like Best Hotels in South America, according to Trip Advisor. In this instance, we are going to focus on a few of the best hotels in the south of Chile, specifically the hotels in Patagonia, that shine because of their beautiful facilities and astonishing views.

Below, the best all-inclusive 5-star hotels in Chilean Patagonia

 TripAdvisor classified as the Best Hotel in Chile in 2019; its spectacular views and excellent service are unbeatable. Located in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park on the shores of Lake Pehoé, it offers one of the best panoramic views of the Torres and Cuernos del Paine. From this magnificent strategic point, it is possible to do all of the excursions in the park including trips to valleys, glaciers, and lakes. All-inclusive, Tierra Patagonia includes more than 40 explorations that can be done on foot or on horseback. Prices: From US $6.942 for a room for 3 nights 

 Known as one of the top 10 hotels in Chile by TripAdvisor in 2019, Singular Patagonia is the definition of luxury, avant-garde design and elegance. This spectacular hotel was built on top of an old meat processing plant declared a national monument in 1996 and remodeled with metals, concrete, large windows and magnificent swimming pools. Its facilities include a museum that preserves the old industrial machines of the time period that you can visit. It’s location, 10 minutes from Puerto Natales, allows guests to adventure through Torres del Paine National Park and other areas where it is possible to see plants and wildlife, sport fish and experience the local culture. Its 57 rooms with magnificent ocean views and its precious spa has made it one of the best hotels in the southern zone. Price: US$1.035 per night for one person, all included. 

Between mountains, glaciers, turquoise lakes, fields and age-old forests, Tierra Patagonia has harmoniously integrated with the landscape of Chilean Patagonia. Located on the shores of Lake Sarmiento, a few kilometers from Torres del Paine National Park, this magnificent hotel integrates concepts of balance and harmony in its architecture. Design inspired by the Patagonian wind, it offers all-inclusive service with exquisite gastronomy, excursions to Torres del Paine National Park and facilities that will make your stay an incredible experience. An important part of the vision of Tierra Patagonia is the sustainability and care for the environment, which is expressed in their heat efficient design, to reduce the cost of energy, and technology specifically to reduce water consumption. Its 40 rooms have an amazing panoramic view of Sarmiento Lake and the Torres del Paine. The bar, dining and living room, library and terrace also have incredible views. Price: From US$570 per person 

 Surrounded by nature that will impress you, the hotel Rio Serrano is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Its magnificent panoramic view of the Macizo Cuernos del Paine, its spacious areas, elegant design and relaxing atmosphere make this hotel one of the most popular in the area surrounding Torres del Paine. Characterized by its strong commitment to the environment, the Rio Serrano, is concerned about reducing the amount of waste they produce, promote recycling, sustainable water, and energy use, and promote local products in their store. This hotel started as a small inn by a local family, offering trekking of varied levels, horseback riding, sailing, specialized guided tours, and scenic tours to some of the most emblematic places in Torres del Paine National Park for those who can’t do much physical activity. 

 Surrounded by native forests, mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers, Hotel Grey has enormous windows on all sides. Considered one of the best hotels within Torres del Paine National Park, it is located in the sector Grey with a spectacular view of the Torres, the Paine mountains, Almirante Nieto, Cuernos del Paine, and the Grey Glacier. The hotel offers excursions, trekking, and the famous sail on the catamaran Grey III that will bring you close to the Grey Glacier and its ice floats. The bar and restaurant are the perfect places to rest after your excursions in the park; the hotel receives guests all year round with a menu including Patagonian lamb, Calafate, caldillo de crab, salmon, ceviche and sopaipillas, all with dream views. The abundant plant and wildlife of the area, the fresh air, and the beauty of the landscapes will make your stay in the hotel relaxing and unforgettable. 

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