Between June and September, the snowy slopes of the Andes Mountains become the best place in the world to ski and snowboard.

Between June and September, the snowy slopes of the Andes Mountains become the best place in the world to ski and snowboard. Skiers from all over the world come to Chile and Argentina to try powder snow, ski among millenary trees, descend volcanoes and enjoy the best post ski services.

In South America there are ski centers for all tastes, the best 5 are:

  1. Portillo, the best slopes in the region

The legendary ski center Portillo in Chile has the best slopes for advanced, expert and extreme level of the region. The famous tracks Roca Jack and Cara Cara descend steep slopes towards the beautiful turquoise lagoon known as the Laguna del Inca. The Super - C track, which is accessed after a two - hour walk, is one of the most adrenalinical ones because of its descent from 1,500 meters above sea level to the base. Portillo is also one of the best ski centers for Backcountry next to Cerro Catedral in Argentina and has excellent services for families.

As if it were not enough, Portillo offers the best nightlife, dinner and the least crowded slopes. Portillo is never full, and has a limit of 450 skiers per day.

  1. Valle Nevado, the best environment for the family

Valle Nevado   is considered one of the best ski centers in South America for its advanced infrastructure compared to the rest of the resorts in the region. Its enormous terrain, its long tracks, the quality of its elevating chairs, the heli-skiing and the excellent service for visitors who speak English are magnets for locals and foreigners arriving from the United States and Europe.

Valle Nevado does not have the most challenging track for advanced level but it does offer the best track in South America for basic and intermediate level. It also has spa, pub, shopping and a range of restaurants to choose from and different options for accommodation. It has the reputation for being the most suitable ski center for families.

  1. Nevados de Chillán, relax in the hot springs

According to many skiers Nevados de Chillán is the best powder snow in the Andes Mountain range, and once the fresh snow disappears, you can grab your equipment for touring or backcountry, climbing the volcano Chillán and descend through virgin snow again. But not only the advanced level skiers can enjoy this resort, because Nevados de Chillán - like El Colorado - has the best ground in South America for beginners.  

The plus of visiting this ski center is that once down you can enjoy the delicious hot springs that spring naturally from the land.

  1. Cerro Catedral, the best access by elevators

Located inside the beautiful Nahuel National Park, Cerro Catedral is one of the largest and most modern ski centers in South America. With 37 elevators and 300 acres of land, it offers tracks for intermediate, advanced and hillside levels ideal for sidecountry and backcountry.

But skiing is not the only thing to do here. Once down, the gastronomic offer satisfies different palates. The accommodation options are wide and the nightlife is varied. If this is not enough, Bariloche is an option because it is only a few kilometers away.

  1. Las Leñas, the best off-piste skiing

With 43,200 acres, Las Leñas is by far the ski center with the largest ski area in South America. Of steep slopes, cliffs and narrow ravines has been the location for dozens of films about skiing. It is popular among freestyle professionals, and for its long and steep descents, some of the most famous in South America. Even the most extreme skiers can keep themselves entertained on their terrains. They are the most challenging terrain that can be reached in lift chairs in South America, comparable only with the tracks accessible in heli ski.


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