Watching the sunset with a view of the sea is a privilege, and the hills of Valparaíso make this city the perfect place to do it. Here we will tell you what are the most beautiful terraces of our colorful city

Tourism in Valparaíso has made the colorful port one of the most visited places in Chile. Its murals, graffitis and other examples of street art, along with its elevators, its alleys and its colorful hills, make this city a World Heritage Site, one of the most beautiful in the world.

If you are wondering ​ what to do in Valparaíso​  after having traveled to Cerro Alegre, Concepción hill, Atkinson walk, and Sotomayor square, we have the best panorama for you. Recharge energies by eating something delicious and watching the sunset on one of its many dream terraces.

Then the 7 terraces with the best view in Valparaíso:

  • Arrayán Mirador Cultural: this restaurant and event center has one of the best terraces in Valparaíso. From a privileged view of the bay, it is chosen for weddings, New Year's events and sunset parties. The Restaurant cuisine highlights the flavors of traditional Chilean food.


  • Fauna Hotel and Restaurant: located in a heritage sector, the terrace of this hotel and restaurant boasts a spectacular view of the bay and the hills of Valparaíso. Open from Monday to Sunday, it offers signature cuisine, craft beers, and original cocktails.


  • La Caperucita y el Lobo Restaurant: located on the Florida hill is the house of La Caperucita y el Lobo, a restaurant renowned for its excellent seafood cuisine, the personalized service offered by its owners Carolina and Leonardo, and of course its charming terrace from where the best sunsets are seen.


  • WineBox: if what you are looking for is a more relaxed atmosphere, then we recommend you the terrace of the WineBox, a hostel made of containers where you can also stay with your dog. Located near from the Sebastiana house, on the Mariposa hill, it has a panoramic terrace surrounded by graffiti where parties are held at sunset.


  • The Cevicheria of the Hotel Mm 450: a 1930's heritage space turned into a cozy and contemporary boutique hotel, that is the Hotel Mm450, which also has a famous cevicheria that stand out for its Thai ceviche and its beautiful terraces full of details.


  • Maralegre Hotel Casa Higueras: this beautiful house transformed into a sophisticated boutique hotel, is warm, elegant and perfect for relaxing in its gardens, swimming pool, and dining on the terrace of the restaurant. Located in Cerro Alegre,  it stands out for the rockfish and its great variety of seafood.


  • El Peral: in the Yugoslavian Walk is this warm and traditional restaurant, which in addition to attracting clients for their signature dishes, delights them with its intimate atmosphere and a wonderful terrace overlooking the Port. 

Do you know any other dream terrace?

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