If you are going on a little getaway to San Pedro de Atacama but you don't have enough time to visit it all, follow this short guide to the places you definitely can't miss.

San Pedro town is the door to the Atacama desert, one of the aridest ones in the world and owner of breathtaking landscapes. Its located in the north of Chile, Antofagasta region and these are it's top ten attractive tourist spots.

1. Moon Valley:

This arid valley amazes us with its weird rock formations, gigantic dunes, and perfect sunsets. Also, it's very near to San Pedro de Atacama town, just 17 km away!

2.Death  Valley:

Also called Mars Valley, it definitely makes justice to its name. Its red sand and the impressive shape of its rocks and mountains, make you feel like you are in our neighbor planet. The best of all is that you can do sandboard in one of it big dunes.

3. Altiplanic Lagoons, Miscanti and Miñiques

These sibling lagoons are 4000 meters high in the Flamencos National Park on the slope of two photogenic volcanos that carry their same names.

4. Tatio Geysers

The old man that cries. That is what Tatio means in the Quechua language, and this name will make sense at the moment you see the enormous vapor columns that go until 10 meters high and explode in the third biggest geyser field on the world.

5. Cejar Lagoon

This lagoon is perfect for an afternoon of relaxation after a morning of walks and bike riding. The only thing you have to do is to lay down on your back on the water, and your whole body will float because of the big amount of salt it settles. Also, it has a beautiful calypso color that you'd never imagine to see in a desert.

6. Rainbow Valley

As the name says it, here you'll find multicolor mountains. Red, green, a little bit of black, purple, and brown, dye these rocks that will take your breath away.

7.Chaxa Lagoon

The fauna photographers will be happy with this one. Composed by water and salt flats, this lagoon is the home of hundreds of flamingos - Chilean, James and Andean-, as well as puna plovers and Andean seagulls.

8.Ojos del Salar (Eyes of the Salar)

Even though it looks like they are in the middle of nowhere, they are in the Atacama Salt Flat and are the perfect choice to cool down after a long ride. There are two bottomless wells that await for you to surprise them with your best jump

To which one of these awesome spots do you wanna go first?

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