Various media have turned their attention to the southernmost area of the world: Patagonia. What has this fate that makes it so interesting?

We are talking about a diverse place in experiences, with the most impressive views of the continent, lakes, glaciers, Patagonian fields, canals and an immensity of flora and fauna. Tourism has been growing every year with visitors from all over the world who take tours and excursions to know the most impressive corners of Chile and the end of the world.

But why is Torres del Paine National Park one of the most visited destinations by foreigners? 3 main reasons.

1. Internationally famous: It is considered by many to be the eighth wonder in the world and the most popular national park in Patagonia. Articles, press releases, documentaries and numerous videos have been recorded in this place, located in one of the southernmost corners of planet earth.

2. Diversity of activities: From the contemplation of the nature to the most extreme activities of trekking. There are tours and excursions for all tastes, hiking, navigation to the Gray Glacier, flora and fauna watching, panoramic tours and circuits like the W circuit and the O circuit. No one is left out to visit Torres del Paine National Park according to the tastes of each person.

3. Pure nature: Patagonian flora and fauna in all its splendor. Lake Pehoé, Lake Nordenskjöld and Lake Gray are the most famous. They are characterized by the color of its waters at the foot of imposing mountains such as the Cuernos del Paine and Torres del Paine. Torrents of waters and glaciers are part of the landscape. For animal lovers, it is possible to hopefully see pumas that camouflage in the dry grass. Cóndor, huemul, ñandú, guanacos and foxes are the animals that you can find on the way.

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