If you travel to San Pedro de Atacama, the Valley of the Moon must be your first excursion. Do you want to know what lies behind this huge geological formation?

If you do not want to lose a ray of sun, we recommend leaving from San Pedro de Atacama at 16:00 hours. There are those who choose the bicycle, but the roads are sandy and difficult to walk, so the best option is a tour that takes you from your hotel to the perfect point to see this huge valley that was declared a nature sanctuary in 1982.

This landscape corresponds to a huge lake or even some geologists speak of an extensive interior sea formed by the watershed of the volcano Licancabur that were dragging alluvia and deposits of debris that were forming the Mountain range of Domeyko, that is the base of valley of the Moon .

This landscape was shaped by the erosion of the wind that has been carving the soil and generating strange formations.

The impressive of the place, are its colors as it is covered with layers of plaster, sodium chloride, clay and sand that form a peculiar landscape in the middle of the Atacama desert with crests and tips that make it look like the moon.

The sunset is the best time to see the diversity of colors that form when the sun sets. We recommend wearing warm clothes as the temperature drops considerably.

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