Valparaiso is the jewel of the Pacific. The GoChile team decided to travel and walk its streets. Cerro Alegre, Cerro Concepción, Viña del Mar and much more. What to do in this visit to the most important cities of the coastal zone of Chile?

This article speaks of one of the most emblematic places of Valparaiso, to which he has been dedicated countless poems and poems recognized worldwide. Cerro Alegre is the place where tourism talks, where travelers come to walk and tour the streets loaded with local music and crafts.

Cerro Alegre is named after the colorful houses and balconies laden with seasonal flowers at all times of the year. This is a legacy of the German and English immigrants who arrived in Valparaíso in the 19th century, turning this hill into a place of art, gastronomy and full of social life.

You can visit Cerro Alegre in conjunction with Cerro Concepción. Even the tour takes you to know both places. You will find the Lukas museum and the famous Dimalow stroll that ends at the Anglican church St. Paul.

Tourists are advised to visit a cafe and sit and enjoy the view of the sea to watch the sunset. Cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and cheesecake are the favorites of locals. It is common to find music groups playing live and even street dancing that unfold in the streets.

To climb Cerro Alegre there are three lifts, El Peral, Reina Victoria and Concepción, all declared Historical Monument.

Other alternatives for those who visit Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

Although Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción are Valparaiso's favorites, Viña del Mar offers a coastal route along the coast. If you are an athlete, there is a cycle path that connects Viña del Mar and Reñaca, which is another seaside resort where you can practice sea sports like surfing.

In Viña del Mar you can visit Quinta Vergara, where the international song festival is held every year. In its interior is the Vergara Palace with its colorful gardens. You will also find the Enjoy Viña del Mar casino and the Peru Avenue that you can walk on foot.

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