Do you want to trek through Queulat National Park? It is definitely one of the favorite destinations of the Carretera Austral.

Here we will tell you what the most emblematic trails of Queulat National Park are. You can camp inside the same park or visit in a full day from Coyhaique. Although the distance is long, it is worth doing, especially if you have a few days in Aysén Patagonia.

1. Ventisquero Pendant Trail: This trail leads to one of the most important places in the park that is the pendant glacier from which a huge waterfall descends. If you have to choose a park trail, this is the most important of all.

2. Laguna Témpanos Trail: It is a relatively short trail, approximately 600 meters suitable for all ages. It is characterized by its views and exuberant evergreen forest nature.

3. Salto Padre García Trail: A nearly unexplored passageway laden with vegetation that reaches a great waterfall whose name reminds the Jesuit father Jose Garcia who was exploring this place in 1776. It has sectors of viewpoints to appreciate different views.

4. Path Bosque Encantado: As its name says, this is characterized by its evergreen forest and its lagoons with icebergs at the end of the trail. Its difficulty is quite low so anyone can walk it.

5. Río Guillermo Trail: This trail is for the more experienced. It has a route of more than 4 kilometers in the middle of the vegetation and forests.

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