Chile is characterized by a great gastronomic variety. From north to south you will find different dishes and flavors for all tastes.

In this article we will tell you which are the typical foods you will find in Chile during the summer months.

Watermelons, peach and grapes: The central zone of our country is characterized by the planting of fruit trees, which are in full harvest during the summer season. The Chilean fruit is considered one of the best in the world!

Seafood and fried fish: Beach from north to south and a number of fishing coves that give life to the coastal cities of our country. You cannot stop eating a delicious fried fish with potatoes, a sea paella, breaded shrimp and much more.

Mote con Huesillo: If you are traveling in Santiago and in the streets of the historic center they offer you a nickname with huesillo, do not hesitate. It is a mixture of wheat cereal with sugary dehydrated peach juice and is considered one of the typical desserts of our country.

Corn cake: This dish you will find throughout the year, but especially in summer. It is a cake that carries pine meat and ground corn that is then baked to give a toasted cover.

Humitas: The corn is still one of the main products of our country; hence many Chilean dishes are derived. The humitas is a leaf that wraps ground corn, onion and basil. If you add tomato to this, you give it the freshness of summer.

Tomatoes and avocados: Just as Chilean fruit is one of the most famous worldwide, vegetables are not far behind. The tomato in summer time is the best product you can use to accompany any dish. We recommend the fresh tomato cut into slices with freshly baked bread from the oven and a little onion ... Pan con avocado will never be left behind and is the same or more tasty.