The flowering desert is a natural phenomenon that doesn’t occur every year. In fact, the last flowering was lived in Chile 7 years ago, generating an impressive visual spectacle where the Atacama desert changed its natural color.

For this 2017 the flowery desert tour or a multi-day travel program has become an experience you can’t stop doing.

By GoChile

Santiago - Copiapó flight is recommended, since from this city you will find different places where you can see the flowery desert. The tours offer the coastal route as Totoral and Llanos de Challe National Park which are the most visited places of the Atacama Region.

Another option to see the flowery desert, is to reach La Serena, Coquimbo Region and take a full day tour that will take you directly to the commune of La Higuera where you will find flowers like sighs, azulillos, malvillas and if you have a bit of luck, the Lion's Claw.

So that you can have more information about this natural phenomenon and the different species, we really recommend you take a tour and go with a guide that explains in detail where each flower comes from.

Flower Species

You will find azulillo, santo thistle, huilli, caper, yellow claw of lion, field lilies, white butterfly, reliquary, miner flower, sigh of the sea, tomatillo, viola of the field, punar, tupa, tunilla, among others.


1. It is important to respect the designated paths to visit the flowering desert. This is to take care of flowering and not to destroy the environment so that plants can culminate their development process.

2. Do not cut flowers. When you do this, you destroy its natural cycle.

3. Do not leave trash on the road. It is important that if you do picnic carry bags to leave the trash and return it with you to a dump. Caring for the environment is everyone's responsibility.

4. Respect the animals that inhabit this place and do not disturb them to force the photographs.