Find out what are the best options in Chile to receive the new year with the best energies.

We are only a few weeks away from December and many of us are already thinking about our plans for the end of the year celebrations. Christmas is easy to organize. We usually spend time with friends and family, but a new year celebration is different. Our high expectations sometimes make us disappoint in the scenarios we choose because we all had had an incredible and unforgettable new year that remains in our memory as a daguerreotype, isn't it?

As the experts in Chile that we are, at GoChile we want to guide you to find your perfect new year celebration in our beautiful country.

First answer these questions:

Where do you want to spend the new year in Chile, in your city or do you want to give yourself a break?

Do you imagine yourself having a big party with lots of people, great music, or do you prefer a more intimate evening with your closest friends and family?

What is more important to you in the new year?

  1. The meal
  2. The drink
  3. Make it cheap
  4. See the best fireworks
  5. Have a unique experience

Here comes the help:

If you chose to spend the new year in your city, with an intimate evening, and what matters most is to have an excellent meal and drink a lot, then the best thing to do is to get a house and plan the party together with friends.

If you chose that, but outside your city, then we recommend you to take your tent and your sleeping bag and go with your people to a nice beach or a good campsite to enjoy nature, under the stars, around a bonfire and no ending time for the party.

Now, if you want a more festive atmosphere, see an unforgettable pyrotechnic show and delicious food, then the recommendation is that you reserve a table at a restaurant on the coast of Viña or Valparaíso and just sit down to enjoy it.

If you want that, but adding the touch of exclusivity and excitement, we suggest you to take a trip along the coast of Valparaíso, a city known for having the best fireworks show in Chile. Drink your glass of wine and enjoy the lights of the city and the explosions of colors in the sky from the sea.  

If you are Chilean, you probably know that Valparaíso is one of the best places to spend the New Year, and if you are visiting Chile, then you need to live ​that experience . Fireworks, good pachanga and new year traditions like going around the block with your luggage in hand will make your visit to Chile something to remember.