If you are going to walk for five days, it is better to think about the luggage you are going to carry on your back. Here, all you have to know to put together a perfect travel backpack for Torres del Paine.

The W Torres del Paine tour is the reason why many trekking lovers come to Chile. Making this circuit is one of the best ways to observe and feel nature in the Eighth Wonder of the World​​ . The walk has a distance of 70 km, which is not minor, especially considering that you will carry your clothes, your food and your shelter in the back. Therefore, we will give you the best tips to prepare your backpack.

  • Backpack: There are some backpacks that are heavier than others, choose one suitable for your size and weight. The more space you have, the more you fill, so we recommend that you do not exceed 60 liters in size.
  • The content: Put only the essential stuff in your backpack, those things you could not get during the trip. Organize your clothes according to the weather and your activities, and forget about the "just in case", it is best to choose technical and light clothing that in turn shelters, be waterproof and / or breathable.
  • The protection: If you go to Patagonia, no matter the date, there are high chances of rain. That's why it's important that you insulate everything in plastic bags. Food, clothing, shoes, personal items and, above all, the sleeping bag.
  • Distribution: How and where you put your things in the backpack is essential to avoid back pain. You have to distribute the weight well. Leave the heaviest at the end, stuck to the back and what you need at hand above. Do not carry anything hanging from your backpack, so you will avoid getting unbalanced, getting stuck with branches or losing it.

Now, let's make the backpack:

  • It is advisable to put the sleeping bag first, which will decrease its size when crushed with the rest of the things. Remember to wrap it in something waterproof.
  • Then it is preferable to continue with the heavier, positioned near the back and if possible, on the hips: The tent, extra shoes, kitchen implements and bags of food. Avoid foods in cans or very heavy glass containers. The best are dehydrated foods and nuts.
  • Next it will be the turn of the clothes. Do not bring extra clothes "just in case", it is essential that you take the right and necessary, that is, little clothes. In Torres del Paine you can feel very windy, intense sun, rain or very cold, so it is best to dress in layers.

For the walk: Breathable short or long sleeve t-shirt; pole or polar; thermal socks, windbreaks; legs; and if you go in winter time or you see in the forecast that it will be very cold, it includes pants.

For resting: First thermal layer up, change pants, extra thermal socks. Trekking shoes should preferably be waterproof and high-top. Never new, if you just bought them, try them, your feet will thank you after 70 km.

  • At the top of the backpack, it is best to put the lightest and the things you will need by hand and that you will probably take out during the walk. Toiletries, repellent, extra warm clothes, first aid kit, sunscreen, toilet paper, maps, hat, gloves, raincoat, flashlight, sunglasses, camera (you will not want to miss taking the best pictures of Torres del Paine) and bottle of water. (It is not necessary to carry so much water, according to the CONAF, the water of the springs is quite safe if it is extracted from a course).

When you have your backpack ready, try to weigh it. It should not exceed 30% of your body weight.

It is done! All ready to live one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!


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