Queulat National Park is being talked about. It is the destination par excellence of Carretera Austral Norte and can be visited on a full day tour from Coyhaique, despite its distance is a park that you have to know.

Queulat National Park is characterized by its glacier pendant which is the famous glacier of all the postcards and photos that we know. However we have forgotten the most important: Trails laden with vegetation, evergreen forests and hundreds of native species such as lenga and coagle of Magellan. The good news: [GEP002]you can visit in a full day from Coyhaique![/ GEP002]

If you are a fauna lover, you will find the typical birds of southern Chile: black carpenter, kingfisher and black-necked swans. In the higher areas, you will see how the condors are planning. Also if you are lucky you will see pumas and culpeos foxes that come to get food. In the waters of the Queulat Fjord you will see dolphins and sea lions.

The Hanging Vestisquero is the most emblematic place of Queulat National Park. You can see a huge mass of ice falling like a waterfall. This landscape is touching and very profound for those who have time to contemplate its beauty.

The Queulat Park has been positioned as one of the favorite parks of the Carretera Austral, you can do trekking, camping in different sectors, boat and bicycle tours. Although these activities can be done at any time of the year, we recommend summer (between December and March) for the weather conditions. Recall that Aysén Patagonia is the rainiest region of Chile.

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