The Carlos Anwandter nature sanctuary is located in the wetlands of the river crossings that were formed after the earthquake of 1960, is an aquatic reserve that protects more than 4,900 has.

Carlos Anwandter Nature Sanctuary, located in Cruces River, is an aquatic reserve with approximately 4.877 hectares belonging to the lower part of Cruces River, in the province of Valdivia.

This Nature Sanctuary formed as a consequence of the earthquake and tsunami of 1960, which  flooded the agricultural lands along the bank of the rivers Cruces and Chorocamallo and caused the ground to sink. A variety of aquatic plants then rose, surrounded by small evergreen forests where a number of native and exotic birds started to nest. Among these birds you can find the black necked swan, African herons, White-necked Herons, Terns, White-Faced Ibis, and Coots, as well as mammals such as the coypu and the river otter.

In 1981 this place was declared a 'nature sanctuary', and was consequently added to list of Internationally Important Wetlands (Ramsar Convention), which protects wetlands, especially those which are home to aquatic fauna species. It was the the first piece land in Chile to be included in this plan.

Carlos Anwandter Nature Sanctuary map