Located approximately 100 km south of Santiago, Del Flaco Hot Springs (The thin mule) are nestled in the middle of the mountain range, next to the Tinguiririca river, 172 m above sea level.

The name for these hot springs stems from a curious story that tells about a sick and skeletal mule that was left by a group of miners, next to the hot springs. When the miners returned, the mule had miraculously gotten better, and even fatter. In honor of this anonymous mule that was saved by the miraculous waters, the hot springs came to be called first "Vegas del Flaco" and nowadays "Del Flaco Hot Springs".

Del Flaco Hot Springs are famous not only for its waters but also for its dinosaur footprint fossils that are said to be more than 120 million years old. These footprints, left behind in the mud by Iguanodons, solidified and began to sift, already petrified and permanently engraved, when the Andes Mountain Range formed. Nowadays, the footprints, declared a National Paleontological Monument, are found on a 120° slope. Studies suggest that during the Jurassic era this area was a watering hole, due to the existence of so many of these footprint fossils.

Del Flaco Hot Springs map