Grows to 53 cm. Superficially it is dark grey with some reddish brown feathers and spots the same color on the wings; under it is brownish grey with some feathers with yellowish brown or white edges. White throat with dark transverse lines. Yellowish brown thighs with transverse reddish brown stripes. Dark grey tail with white base and band at the end. Bluish beak with yellowish wax. Yellow feet. The young hawk is yellowish ochre with longitudinal black stripes underneath. The back is dark grey with yellowish brown spots; the tail is grey with a white base and darker transverse bars and an off-white point. The thighs are yellowish ochre with brown transverse bars. Lives from the base of the moutains to the coast.

Family: Accipitridae

Distribution: From Arica (I región) to Aysén (XII región).

Habitat: From the base of the moutains to the coast.