Land Animals

The Chilean fauna is as varied as the flora, though less abundant. In the mammalian group, the species which stand out are the puma, an American savage cat; guanaco, a South American camelid; huemul, pertaining to the family of deers and native to the country; the vizcacha, a rodent with a taste for the rocky places of the mountains and Altiplano; and the Pudú the smallest deer in the world, an animal which is very difficult to observe in the wild.

However, the Chilean fauna isn't limited to the rugged geography of the mountain range, the aridity of the desert or the richness of the southern forests and Patagonia. The long coastline that flanks the west of the country also presents a great variety of species ranging from sea lions, seals, dolphins and otters, to collosal whales in the icy southern waters.