Zonotrichia capensis

 L. 15 cm. Grey cap and face, slight crest, with stripes along sides. Thick chestnut collar around neck. Stomach and interior parts off-white. Grey wings with some cinammon and two white bands. Dark grey tail.

Family: Emberizidae

Distribution: There are 5 subspecies which live in the national territory. The Chincol, zonotrichia capensis chilensis, from Atacama to the Guaitecas islands and the north of Aysén; the northern Chincol, zonotrichia capensis antofagastae, in Tarapacá and Antofagasta (to 2,500 m); the peruvian Chincol, zonotrichia capensis peruviensis, in the Andes mountain range in the first region (to 3,500 m); the andean Chincol, zonotrichia capensis sanborni, from Atacama to the Andes by the Andes mountain range, and the austral Chincol, zonotrichia capensis australis, in the Andes mountain range in the Metropolitan Region and from Aysén to the Cape Horn.

Habitat: from sea level to the mountains (up to 3,500 m) , from open grasslands, forests and farms