This Tour is no longer available

Unfortunately we no longer offer this Tour, but we haven't removed the information so you can have more ideas for your trip. If you want something similar contact us

With this program, you will get know the main points and the famous Antofagasta observatory

Day 1: Arrival at Antofagasta

Transfer: Airport Hotel in Antofagasta

Day 2: Antofagasta

Antofagasta City Tour

  • Departure: 09:00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Hotel in Antofagasta

During the last years Antofagasta has become one of the mining centers of Chile which has revived its historical past. City tour to meet La Portada and the city center.

We leave from your hotel in Antofagasta at approximately 9:00 am to start the city tour in La Portada, which is a natural formation in the middle of the sea. Then we return to the city along the coast road and stop at the Fishing Terminal where you can see pelicans and sea lions.

We will walk to the historic neighborhood, where the Ferrocarril building is located, declared National Monument in 1981. We will visit Colón Square and San José Cathedral.

Later, we begin a tour of the city center of Antofagasta, Brasil avenue (residential district), the ruins of Huanchaca which is an old silver smelting formed by Chilean, Bolivian and English capitals in 1873 and we visit the Huanchaca Foundation Museum .

Then we will go to the Caleta Coloso, where the Escondida Minera port of embarkation  is located. There copper is shipped from the mine through a mining pipeline 170 kilometers long, and it is the center of artisanal fishermen.

13.30: We will be back at your hotel.

  • Physical
    Very low
  • Cultural
  • Nature
    Very low

Astronomical Tour in Paranal Observatory

  • Departure: 07:30
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Hotel in Antofagasta

The Atacama Desert has the advantage of clear skies during most of the year. Come to the Paranal Observatory, a modern center that offers astronomical tours to know the universe.

We leave from your hotel at approximately 7:30 am in the direction of the Paranal Observatory. The visit will be guided by professional staff provided by the Observatory.

The first access is the Visitor Center: Here there is an explanatory video of the observatory and its history.

Then we climb to the top of Cerro Paranal where there are the giant telescopes of the VLT of 8.2 meters in diameter. In this place you can see the Auxiliary Telescopes of 1.8 meters in diameter, and the rails that allow moving these telescopes along the platform.

After touring the platform, visitors will have the opportunity to enter the giant telescopes of Paranal. Inside you can see the mirrors 8.2 meters in diameter that allow you to observe the distant universe. Flash photography and video footage are allowed.

Then we visit the Control Room where the Astronomers work during the night. All observations and control of the telescopes are made from this place through computers.

Finally you enter the Hall of the hotel to have a partial view of the facilities.

14.00: We will be back at your hotel.

  • Physical
    Very low

Day 3: Transfer to Antofagasta Airport

Transfer: Hotel Airport in Antofagasta

  • Transfer airport / hotel / airport
  • City tour through Antofagasta with entrance to the museum
  • Tour at the Paranal observatory
  • Guide
NOT Included
  • Services not mentioned