Considera-se o santuário de narturaleza devido a sua diversidade de flora e fauna, contém uma área de 39 mil hectares, dos quais 11 mil 575 são administradas pela Conaf, esta área protegida tem vários locais de interesse, para ser o mais significativo Vila Paulina, Piedra Carvajal e geleiras La Paloma e El Altar.

Located in the cordilleran landscape of the Central Andes, the Nature Sanctuary of ‘Yerba Loca’ is an excellent option to enjoy an evening or a weekend amidst the quietness and beauty offered by nature.

The forests, birds, and mountain chains give this place its unique natural features. In the sector named "Villa Paulina" you will find small forests with species like mountain cypresses, pines, poplars, elms, and ash trees, most of which have been artificially introduced in the country by the locals and Conaf, the entity in charge of protecting the Chilean forest.

Yerba Loca estuary is surrounded by two mountain chains, the highest peaks being El Altar and Los Piches, with 5.222 and 4.274 mts respectively. They are an important attraction for rock climbers.

Yerba Loca map