If you're not afraid of heights and are looking for a fun and different experience, try paragliding! It is not necessary to have knowledge about how it works, you just have to relax and enjoy this wonderful experience. And, of course, to be passionate about flying ... get know Chile’s different landscapes from the heights, always accompanied by an expert on the subject.

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A paraglider is a very flexible, ultralite type of glider, something similar to the parachute. It's a glider because it doesn't use an engine like airplanes, it's ultralite because it weighs less than the pilot, and it's flexible because it's made with fabrics that do not form rigid structures. Its flight is determined by the areodynamic forces exerted over the paraglider by the air.

One of the advantages of paragliding is that it doesn't require knowledge about its working mechanism, you'll just relax and enjoy this wonderful experience. And of course, you must be passionate about flying.

The two-seater flight is the best way to enjoy this sport, for its done in a special glider with capacity for two people, usually the instructor and the passenger. The pilot takes off, flies, and lands with total control and safety. If the weather conditions, and the pilot's judgement, allow it, the passenger can fly the glider, always supervised by the pilot.

The average flight time is 30 minutes, in which, if you like, you can make a video, saving all the memories of this unforgettable experience.


In the fifties, the parachuting industry started started paying attention to how to control the falling, and the included the lateral controls. In the sixties, Domina Jalbert created the cell structure that would be later known as paragliding. Simultaneously, David Barish was working on new types of parachutes for the NASA, and added his own mmodifications.

It was only in 1978 when, using the technology developed by the former projects, three French men, Jean-Claude Bétemps, André Bohn, and Gérard Bosson, created a parachute that could be controlled in long distances. After a couple of attempts, they managed to fly a thousand meters, and named this successful parachute "paraglider". By the eighties, paraglading was already considered a sport, and in 1989 the first Paragliding World Championship took place in Kössen, Austria.

Nowadays, the hang gliding manufactures have directed their efforts to the development of new technologies and safety systems. From a scandalous, fun practice, it has now become a world famous sport, with specific tecnhiques and a whole palette of possibilities.

Paragliding in Chile

Paragliding is considered an adventure sport, and is supported by the Chilean Free Flight Association and the Chilean Air Federation. Experts and beginners agree in considering our flight areas some of the best in the world for practising this sport. The ideal is to learn on the coasts of Región de Valparaíso, but the most sought after locations are in Iquique and Santiago, because they allow to make longer flights (cross country)

Chile provides a wide range of possibilities for this sport. From the coasts of the Región de Valparaíso to the exciting Central Andes, you can find places with all types of winds and weather conditions. Beginners are adviced to learn or have their first flight in places wiht dynamic wind, like Cachagua.

Among the most famous places spots for paragliding in Chile you can find:

Northern Area

  • Alto Molle: Iquique Region I.
  • Antofagasta: Antofagasta Region II.
  • Tambillos: La Serena Region IV.
  • Cerro Grande: La Serena Region IV.

Central Area

  • Batuco: North of Santiago.
  • Colina: Región Metropolitna
  • Las Vizcachas: Región Metropolitana
  • Cachagua: Vth Region. Above the E-30-F highway to km . 70 of Valparaiso towards the north. Nimbus school of paragliding Cachagua.
  • Maitencillo: Vth Region, Valparaiso.
  • Algarrobo: Vth Region, south of Valparaiso.
  • Chancón: VIth Region.
  • Lo Miranda: VIth Region.
  • Machalí: VIth Region.
  • El guindal: VI Region.

Southern Zone

  • Termas de Chillan: VIII th Region.
  • Lebu: VIIIth Region.
  • Lanalhue: VIIIth Region .
  • Pucón: IXth Region .
  • San Ignacio: Xth Region .
  • Antillanca: Xth Region .
  • Cucao: Xth Region.


These are some of the recommendations we have for you to go paragliding in Chile


  • Choose a fly zone that is recognised by the A.CH.V.L. (Chilean Free Flight Association).
  • If you are do not know the flight zone, be sure be accompanied by a qualified instructor.
  • Always use appropriate equipment. Do not ignore any safety elements.
  • Check the weather conditions beforehand
  • Always fly with others.
  • Always have a designated emergency landing area.
  • Be sure to know the emergeny lines and rescue in each area


Equipment for paragliding includes the following:
Dynamic flight on the beach

  • Paraglider
  • Harness with rear protection
  • Helmet
  • Radio with zone frequency

Thermic Distance Flight

  • Paraglider
  • Harness with rear protection
  • Helmet
  • Emergency parachute
  • Adequate shoes
  • Radio with zone frequency
  • Paragliding License


Paragliding Schools

Altazor SkysportsVia 6, Manzana A, Sitio 3, Bajo Molle, Iquique
Phone: (56-57) 3801010

Nimbus Cachagua
Los Clarines M55 S1, La Laguna, Zapallar
Phone: (56-32) 77 1387 - (56-9) 550 2116

Phone: (56-2) 334 1514 - (56-09) 7671 2827
Phone: (56-9) 233 0349

Parapente Andes
Manuel Barrios  4577, Las Condes, Santiago
Phone: (56-2) 207 91 70 - (56-09) 230 30 33
Email : quierovolar@parapenteAndes.cl


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