For those who are looking for a little more excitement and freedom in the snow , this sport is made ​​for you ... Enjoy the wonderfully white landscapes and clean mountain air while practicing this amazing activity. For women, men, children and adults, snowboarding is the perfect plan for this winter.

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Snowboard in Chile has gained a surprising popularity in most of our ski centers. Initially practised by young people, today snowboarding attracts people of all ages, each season bringing more and more female snowboarders.

Many say that snowboarding is easier to learn than skiing and that a single board offers more freedom since you can walk with one foot unbound and it is easier to do tricks and pirouettes. However, whatever the motive that attracts you to try out snowboarding, there are some things that you should know before getting your equipment.

Types and Styles of Boards

Although the boards vary slightly between brands and are in constant development with the introduction of new technologies, there are three categories of universal styles.

Freestyle Freestyle Snowboard

The most popular among beginners, the style of board is relatively short and wide, flexible, is easy to use, and permits turns with little effort. This board is also ideal for those who want to do tricks, half-pipes and ride in snow parks. The nose and tail are identical which allows riding forward and backward easily. For this style of snowboard, a soft and short boot is recommended.

Freeride Freeride board

Like its name, this style of board is versatile for all types of terrain and snow, for on and off-trail riding, to go wherever you want. This board is semi-rigid and is longer and thinner than the Freestyle. Within this category are two models-- the freeride and the freecarve, which are differentiated slightly by their form and function. When using a freeride snowboard, soft bindings and a tall and soft boot are recommended.

Alpine or Race boards Alpine board

This is the style used for competitions, therefore the boards have a tip that is less curved and a tail that is almost totally flat for maximum edge contact between the board and the snow. It is thinner and more stable than the other boards allowing high velocities and fast turns. The boards are ideal for packed snow, but they also perform well in powder. In this category there are two types of boards-- the giant slalom which is symmetrical and the slalom which is short and can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. This type of board requires a hard boot similar to a ski boot for the most support and control.


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