San Pedro de Atacama is one of those places that you can visit at any time of the year and they will always give you an incredible experience. But this time we are going to tell you the advantages of going in winter, which for many make this date the ideal time to visit the Chilean desert.

  • It is the perfect place to escape the cold of the south and the central area of the country

During the day temperatures reach 21 degrees, which feel even hotter under the relentless desert sun. Of course, you have to take shelter for the night because the temperature can reach below 0.

  • The sky is clearer

Although it seems contradictory, the driest time in San Pedro de Atacama is winter, since during the summer the rains of the Bolivian winter arrive. That's why if you like night photography, astronomy or simply admire the stars, winter is the best date to visit the high plateau desert.

  • It's cheaper

In winter, San Pedro is in the low season, which means that in the absence of demand, tourist agencies lower their prices. You can do more for less!

  • Your photos will be perfect

Low season also means that there will be less crowds, therefore in your photos you will have incredible landscapes, and not lots of people as usually happens during the summer.

  • You can enjoy nature in peace and tranquility

If you go in winter, you will be able to appreciate the landscapes in silence, without listening to the conversations of other tourists, or watching them pose in front of your perfect sunset. For this same reason, you will also have more possibilities to observe the wildlife of the area.

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