South of Puerto Montt we will find the famous island of Chiloé. We recommend spending at least 4 days to get to know it in depth and enjoy its incredible landscapes.

If you love nature and colorful villages full of local handicrafts, the island of Chiloé should be your next destination. According to various researches, tourists are fascinated not only by their landscapes, evergreen forests, but also by their people, artisan work and its museums.

Come to know his wonders:

1. Chiloé National Park: We recommend you to go hiking in Chiloé National Park!. You will find the Valdivian jungle, evergreen forests and climbing plants of enormous sizes.

2. Castro, ancud and Dalcahue: They are the main cities of the island of Chiloé and are characterized by their religiosity and artisan works of wool, wood and pottery. Its picturesque streets, colorful palafitos and the chilotas traditions will take you to know its people and its gastronomy with products of the sea. Come and visit this citys in Chiloé!

3. Route of the churches: There are 16 wooden churches that were named Patrimony of Humanity by Unesco. They were built in the 18th century and remain intact to this day. It was the Spanish Jesuit priests who designed them, but all the construction was in charge of Chilean carpenter who used native wood.

4. Oriental Wetlands of Chiloé: They are a set of 7 wetlands and have an extension of more than 180 kilometers in the east coast of the island of Chiloé. Its waters reach more than 80 species of birds. The most famous wetland is the Putemún, where pink flamingo arrives.

5. Gastronomy: We cannot recommend a trip to Chiloé without a rich chilote dish. In general, the fishing activity is one of the main activities so their seafood is a delight. However the traditional dish of the island is the "curanto al hoyo", a peculiar dish as it is cooked on the ground, in the garden and requires the participation of all present. Do you want to do the best gastronomic tour? You cannot miss this experience.

Live the experience