This is the ultimate miracle of nature. Because when everything was already ready... needed a completely white landscape that symbolized the purity of planet Earth...

Antarctica is a continent with exceptions...exceptionally unknown, unexplored...exceptionally mysterious. Natural, shocking, lovely and obscure...a place that is ruled by penguins, whales, and birds and where mankind is the guest, and that, only when nature permits.

Years ago, all we knew about Antarctica is that it was a continent inhabited by scientists whose desire was to try to unmask hidden life from this icy land and to foretell what the future held.

Today, more than ever before, we have the opportunity as scientific tourists to explore its frigid floor, the interminable mountains outlined by a magical blue sky, icy winds and eternal solitude. Our only company are our penguin friends, Antarctica's unconditional inhabitants.

This continent stretches more than 9 million square miles (14 million square Km), making it the largest water reserve on the planet with more than 90% of Earth's ice. Antarctica's history dates back as long as the history of man.

It's discovery is divided between the whale hunters and the last great explorers that saw Antarctica as the last great adventure and the last place on Earth where they could leave their flag behind as a testimony.

Tours can only take place in the summer time, between November and March, the time of the year when the days seem to last forever. There are a variety of programs in which you can participate. Some we'd like to highlight are the programs for flights to King George Island, Cruises that depart from Ushuaia and Cruises from Punta Arenas. We invite you to take part in one of these unforgettable excursions where you can not only enjoy this unexplored nature but also learn why it is important to continue to care for it.



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