Seldom do you find a village of this architecture in the middle of the Patagonian jungle. Come and meet him and be part of this story...

Caleta Tortel can be seen from a distance. A fascinating architecture, full of wood (cypress) walkways covered with vegetation. Everything, practically everything was green at the foot of the famous Baker River.

We were at a strategic point, between North and South Ice Fields surrounded by more than 4 thousand square kilometers of ice. This geography generates a landscape of almost unexplored interior channels with important sources of fresh water coming from the glaciers.

We had taken the route that links Coyhaique with Caleta Tortel in a travel program that helped us to understand this geographical area of ​​the Carretera Austral. We were able to get to know the landscapes that few know about: Narrow valleys, islands and estuaries of great ecological importance, where we could perceive a great variety of flora and fauna (very characteristic is the sound of the hummingbird playing among the chilcos).

During the tour they explained the history of Caleta Tortel from prehistoric times, which were inhabited by the Kawesqar, a nomadic people that is almost extinct and then the arrival of the Spaniards. According to several investigations, the first man to arrive at this place was the brother of Hernando de Magallanes in 1520 and was considered by many the "bestseller" of the Chilean Patagonia.

Over time, tourism has been coming to Caleta Tortel almost unexpectedly. That is why the locals have been refining their services without touching its primitive architecture, and maintaining the legendary forests that are the soul of Caleta Tortel.