Talking about sustainable tourism at this point is no longer a novelty. Countries like Nicaragua, Paraguay, Greenland, Panama have opted for a friendly and sustainable tourism that advocates for the preservation and respect of the environment (both natural and cultural).

Chile does not want to stay behind and although it lacks much way to go, the immense variety of parks and national reserves open the route for an ecofriendly tourism. Lately this feeling of possession has been felt to protect endangered animals, native forests that many have suffered from deforestation, fires ... and preserve the culture of local communities.

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The Biological Reserve Huilo Huilo has been recognized with several international awards for its responsibility with the environment and with the local communities that have been involved in this project.

It protects more than 100 species of different birds and other animals like the Darwin's Toad, monito de monte, the pudú. But above all, it protects the huemul that is in danger of extinction by the deforestation. It also protects centenary trees such as Coigüe, Raulí, Ulmo, Avellano and much more.

To visit it, it is advisable to take some days to take advantage of the landscapes and to share with the Mapuche communities. Among the recommended excursions are the trekking for botanical trails that will allow you to know the endemic flora and fauna. You can also go rafting, mountaineering and canopy and an endless number of activities such as educational routes, visit the museum of volcanoes, the Andean junction through Pirihueico, thermal baths ...

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    • On Request
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