"To you traveler, let me help you travel through Aysén Patagonia and show you the magic of our nature ... but above all teach you to understand the silence of so many people who live in these lands so far away" - By Claudio -Max Rosso, in his book "Stories and Memories", Aysén Patagonia.

On November 16, 1964, after a long flight from the airport of Cerrillos, in a DC 3 Lan with stops in Concepción and Puerto Montt, I arrived for the first time in the Patagonia of Aysén. Three days later he would turn 19.

I came to the area only for 6 days to meet my father, who was there for work reasons. Six months later I returned to Santiago to communicate my decision: I would return to Patagonia to stay.

So many years ago of these memories! ... Some are getting confused with my experiences and feelings, but soon I was sheltering, slowly, in the heat of so many good people. I already knew how to ride a horse, but at this stage I would awaken my unconditional attachment for these animals. I went through the area buying animals in remote places, which were then sold in Coyhaique and sent to the north of Chile. All my being, all my existence was then impregnated with forests, mountain ranges, pampas, rains, snow and wind.

I found centuries-old, magnificent, immense trees that grew up to the sky looking for some light, sun and life. How many times, among their logs, we used to shelter in the heat of a bonfire, waiting for a better time, with a piece of skewered meat, fried fried cakes and good sour mates, while our Castilian blankets recovered the heat.

All this happened in long reflective moments, where the essence of the human being is discovered in prolonged silences, without words and with a cigar in hand understanding what nobody tells you, nobody tells you or anyone never writes...

I left feeling like this, part of this fauna, flora and the land of the Patagonia of Aysén, great, cold, hard, wild but of so much beauty and warmth that my Kafkaesque metamorphosis achieved forever ... and forever.

Live the experience

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