A red landscape in the middle of the Atacama desert. It is the tour to Piedras Rojas, a true paradise of colors.

The GoChile team traveled to San Pedro de Atacama to tour the best excursions that are setting trends and are giving what to talk about. The tour began in the square of San Pedro de Atacama and took us to cross one of the most imposing landscapes of the north of Chile.

We traveled about 150 kilometers to get to Piedras Rojas, located at more than 4,000 meters above sea level before following the excursion to the high plateau lagoons (Miscanti and Miñiques). On the way we could see foxes, vizcachas, pequén, ñandú and flamenco of James and Chilean. There are tourists who are lucky and can see condors that are flying over the area. But this time was not our case!

The landscape is covered by reddish stones that were formed by the oxidation of iron. More in the background, the landscape allows to appreciate the Salar de Aguas Calientes that with its calypso color, forms a true natural paradise.

Saltwater can’t  be consumed since they contain saline, gypsum and halite. These components are hazardous to health and harm any crop of agriculture.

For lovers of photography, this is a tour that you can’t miss. You can walk (although slowly because of the height, can affect the mountain sickness) and contemplate the birds.


1. Take a tour from San Pedro de Atacama that also includes the high plateau lagoons (Miscanti and Miñiques), Socaire and Toconao that are two typical villages of the Atacama Desert and are on the way to Piedras Rojas.

2. Take plenty of water and moisturize well to avoid the discomfort that height can generate. Do not run or shake the body.

3. Wear warm clothing, gloves, and a woolen cap as there is plenty of wind.

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