The Puelo River is our best kept secret. It is located in the Andean zone of the Lake District and is characterized by a turquoise river, surrounded by native vegetation, forests and much more.

When the road begins to penetrate the Andean jungle, the Puelo River appears with its waters that impact because of its turquoise color. This river is binational, since it comes from Argentina and flows into the Pacific Ocean. Its waters are loaded with salmon and trout of enormous sizes (up to 32 kilos!), which make it one of the most attractive rivers for fishing fans.

The Puelo River, which in Mapudungun means "is in the east" and is not just a fishing river, but its surroundings, loaded with native vegetation offers hundreds of almost unexplored roads for trekking and hiking for all ages.

In recent years, local people have organized to receive tourists who are looking for accommodation and activities such as fly fishing, kayaking and hiking. If you want to get the best of this area, we recommend this travel program that navigates the Puelo River, crossing the Tagua Tagua Lake until reaching Llanada Grande, which is a field where there is accommodation for tourists. In this place, inhospitable and very silent, you can contemplate the flora and fauna and mark the starting point for all the activities that can be carried out.

Fanatic of trekking?

This trip to Puelo can be combined with a previous visit to the Cochamó Valley, La Junta sector, better known as the "Chilean Yosemite" a place surrounded by gray mountains covered with liparita stone surrounded by dense green forests. For climbers, this place has become a world center to practice this sport. We recommend you spend at least 4 days in the Cochamó Valley, enjoy the waterfalls and natural water slides and climb the Rainbow Hill, for my taste, a bit dangerous ... but if you do a sunny day (no rain) and you get to the second viewpoint, I assure you that the landscape that you will see from above will hardly be found anywhere else in the world.


4 days in the Cochamó Valley (sector La Junta) and 3 days in the Puelo River ... With this, you get the best of the Lakes Region. A journey for photography, for the contemplation of deep landscapes and for physical activity ... That never hurts.

Live the experience