With the arrival of Low Cost flights, Chile became closer. We can fly from one end to another in a few hours and take advantage of knowing the beauties of our country.

An express visit to Punta Arenas? Here we recommend what you can not miss if you go to Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales in a few days.

1. Torres del Paine National Park: You can visit on a full day tour from Puerto Natales. The most recommended is to leave from Puerto Natales and the trip takes approximately 2 hours. The tour will take you to the highlights of the park where you will appreciate incredible views.

2. View Penguins: Tour to Magdalena Island from Punta Arenas between September and March. At this date you can see more than 150 thousand Magellanic penguins. It is an experience not to be missed!

3. Penguin King Park: This full day tour to Tierra del Fuego. You will sail through the Strait of Magellan until you reach Porvenir. Then from there visit the Penguin King Park. This excursion mixes nature, landscapes and discovers the southernmost territory of Chile.

4. Patagonian Stays: If you are staying in Puerto Natales, we recommend you to visit some of the estancias where you will know the culture of the gauchos, the traditions of the countryside, gastronomy and much more !. One of the most famous is the Estancia Mercedes belonging to the García - Iglesias family, descendants of the first settlers of Patagonia. A cavalcade is offered by the hills, you can see aven and cattle and end with a typical Patagonian asado of Magallanes.


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