Visiting Torres Del Paine in winter is a trend that is on the rise. The advantages are many and every day there are more people who are taking advantage of them. Here we leave 7 of them. You will see that they are worth it.

Some think that Chilean Patagonia is too rough in winter to visit it. And yes, it is quite cold between June and August, but this has great advantages. Below we tell you what are the benefits of visiting Torres Del Paine during the low season. You'll see that it's worth it. 

  • There are fewer tourists

There are fewer tourists who choose to take a tourist program in Patagonia during the winter  and that becomes an immediate advantage for those who want to connect with nature in peace and in silence. Unlike the summer season, in the low season, there are no rows for bathrooms, there are no crowds to take pictures in the most striking spots and spend hours without seeing anyone walking nearby. On this date, the W Torres del Paine tour is for you alone.

  • The climate is more stable:

Yes, even if you do not believe it, in winter, there are fewer fluctuations in the weather because the wind decreases. Also between June and October, it is the time when there is less rainfall in the park. Yes you have to remember that the temperature borders the 2nd, but that's what the technical clothes are for.

  • There are more possibilities to see wildlife: (pumas and huemules)

Observing part of the fauna of Chile is one of the best advantages of visiting Torres del Paine on the coldest dates. There is less movement of people, therefore the animals are seen more, especially the pumas and huemules, which are so elusive. Did you also know that this park is one of the places where the culpeo fox lives? Or that you can see the Chilean chingue, in other words, the skunk? If you like wild animals, winter is the date for you.

  • Landscapes can be incredibly surreal

As we mentioned earlier, on this date the wind decreases, therefore the sky is more clear, which allows us to observe perfectly the snowy mountains, the Horns and of course the Towers as well. In addition the orange skies and the trees without leaves they give a different perspective to the park.

  • Dreamy photographs are taken

The landscapes of Torres Del Paine in winter are completely different from those seen in summer. The colors that the sky takes, the snowy mountains, and the possibility of seeing wild fauna, make this date the ideal moment to take the best photos in Torres Del Paine. In fact, many nature photographers prefer to visit the park on these dates. Would you also do it for a great photo?

  • Laguna de la Base de las Torres is frozen

Can you imagine walking in that lagoon under one of the most impressive and impressive natural monuments in Chile? We do not know if it is possible to do it, but at least you can see one of the main tourist destinations in Chile, in a way that very few have had the luck to see.

  • It's cheaper. Best prices on flights and accommodations

The ticket and accommodation are two items that you will save if you decide to take a tour to the south of Chile in the low season. It is usual that on these dates there are special promotions, both outside and inside the park, including the entrance that decreases in its price.

Do you dare to go in winter?

Live the experience