Chile is a long country full of contrasts that has enough destinations to meet them in different types of trips. GoChile recommends the best trips to do in Chile with your friends.

This Monday was the international day of friendship, and that's why this week we want to celebrate it by ranking the best trips you can make with friends in Chile.

  • Carretera Austral

Taking a road trip with friends is one of the things you have to do at least once in your life, and the Carretera Australl is the ideal place to do it. There are 1000 kilometers that go from Puerto Montt in the Los Lagos region, to Villa O'Higgins in the Aysén region and that encompass an enormous diversity of pristine landscapes. Some of the most spectacular tours to the south of Chile can be found on this route, such as rafting on the Futaleufú River, walks through the beautiful Caleta Tortel, trekking in the nearby national parks and visits to the glaciers of southern Chile.

  • Llanos de Challe

Once every 10 years, the driest desert on the planet is filled with flowers of all colors. The flowery desert is a unique phenomenon in the world and takes place in our Atacama desert. One of the best spots to appreciate it is the Llanos de Challe National Park. To get there you can take the beautiful coastal road that begins in Huasco bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the desert on the other. It is possible to camp inside the park and it is absolutely recommendable to go with a large group of friends, enjoy its incredible white sand beaches and see some species of Chilean fauna.

  • Chiloé

Fascinating myths and legends, a town known for its warmth, and delicious local gastronomy, make the Chiloé archipelago one of the favorites to travel with friends. The possibilities are unlimited!Penguin sightings, whale watching, the possibility of seeing a pudu, a Darwin fox or a Geoffroy cat, are the tourist attractions that many nature lovers choose. Others, prefer to know in depth the local culture going into small towns on the island and touring the 16 World Heritage churches. Whatever the tastes of your friends, you will undoubtedly find a perfect touristic package in Chiloé.

  • San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Chile, and its spectacular landscapes have been recognized as some of the most incredible in the world in international publications. The Valley of the Moon, the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons, the Tatio Geysers, the Salar de Tara and the Cejar lagoon are just some of the tours you can take to get to know the Atacama Desert in depth.

  • Elqui Valley

Scientists from all over the world travel to the Elqui Valley  to observe the stars in one of the clearest skies in the world, and although the astronomical tours in the area are some of the most popular tourist attractions, they are not the only ones. This magical corner of Chile is recognized as a mystical energy center, which has made it one of the best tourist destinations to rest, take alternative therapies and have relaxing massages. On the other hand, this warm valley is the perfect place for the production of wine and pisco, worlds that you have to explore visiting the pisco plants and vineyards of the area.

  • Torres del Paine

The tours in the Torres del Paine National Park are some of the most sought-after tourist packages in Chile, both among national and international tourists. If you and your friends are nature-lovers, outdoor sportswomen or men and flora, and fauna fans then do the W circuit.

  • Iquique

Iquique is a beach, adventure, nightlife, and historic city. In its surroundings is located the famous saltpeter of Humberstone, the oasis of Pica, the town of Tirana and the Isluga National Park in the Chilean highlands. But what makes this destination ideal to go with friends, are the outdoor sports that can be practiced. Paragliding, surfing, sandboarding or skating on the waterfront are few of a large list you can discover!

Which of these places would you like to visit with your friends?

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