We invite you to know the World Heritage Sites that you have to know if you travel to Chile.

Chile is recognized worldwide for its natural landscapes but also for its culture. Here we will tell you what places to visit if you are a history buff.

1. Sewell: Just 2 hours from Santiago, you will find the town of Sewell in the middle of the Andes mountain range. It was the home of the workers of the largest copper mine in the world, called El Teniente. In winter the snow falls and the landscape is impressive because of the color of its houses. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 2006 and can be visited on a [VTS001] full day tour from Santiago. [/ VTS001]

2. Valparaíso: The hills of Valparaíso stand out for their architecture and their colorful houses overlooking the sea. You will find art galleries, craft shops and independent design, museums and restaurants. Valparaíso is the city of Chile that you cannot miss. Do you want to know about this tour?

3. Churches in Isla de Chiloé: There are 16 native wood churches that were declared World Heritage Sites in 2000. Their designs were in charge of the Jesuit priests who came from Europe in the colonization stage; however the hand of Work was done with local people, which generates a very interesting cultural mix. Many tourists travel to Chiloé to see these famous churches located in different parts of the island.

4. Humberstone and Santa Laura: Both abandoned towns symbolize the nitrate boom that Chile experienced in the 19th century. Unfortunately today they are on the list of heritage in danger and are at risk of being destroyed by natural causes or by humans. If you travel to Iquique you can take this tour, which also visits the Pica Oasis, the town of La Tirana, and the former saltpeter offices of Humberstone and Santa Laura.

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