In this article we will tell you the story of a Patagonian man. A man who crossed mountains on horseback, sailed the seas of the Pacific and discovered what life is like in Patagonia.

I started the trip with the hope of meeting a Patagonian person. But one of the real ones! Those who rode the mountains of Patagonia on horseback, covering themselves with the cold with that enormous black blanket.

Where would they be now? How would those brave men who fought for their cattle and who conquered the southernmost lands of the world live in today's times?

"I discovered that the secret of life to be happy is to work hard, to live with little, but quiet." He is Claudio Rosso. A Patagonian man of tome and loin, owner and master of so much history. He lives in Puerto Aysén, a pristine, wild and unexplored place, where more than 80% of the area hasn’t been touched by man. Together with his wife Marta he has shared a life of dreams and failures.

"I had 2 companies and I went bankrupt. I was indebted, I felt alone and I went to live in Santiago. I didn’t last long, I missed and couldn’t be far from my Patagonia, so I went back to ask for new dreams to my land ... and here I am ".

With that gentle look I could perceive the depth of his thoughts. Claudio is a writer and has 2 books published with stories of Patagonia in the 1960s that are related to maintaining the culture of this place. Today it has a Bed & Breakfast ("Casa de los Artesanos") in Puerto Aysén attended by themselves! Sometimes they dance the chamamé (typical dance of Patagonia) and tell their stories on the stove.

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