Freestyle versus freeride snowboarding guide what is the best style for you?

If you're new to snowboarding or you're thinking about trying it out, you've probably gotten confused more than ever with the words freeride and freestyle.

Well, there are two different styles of snowboarding, with different objectives and each one requires its own equipment. Here we explain it in detail:

What is Freeride?

In snowboarding,  freeride is sliding off the tracks in powder snow. It's about fast descending and avoiding natural obstacles to do tricks away from the slopes of ski resorts.

The freeride is about testing your skills on natural slopes, reaching the end with your heart beating at a thousand revolutions per second and one huge smile on your face.

What is Freestyle?

​​freestyle snowboarding​ is doing tricks with the board on obstacles made by people, such as snowboard parks. Walk in the halfpipe, achieve the jumps and make tricks.

Freestyle is more focused on skill than speed. Someone who practices freestyle could be up to 20 times doing the same trick until he manages to get it out. It is a dedication that becomes satisfaction when it comes to perfection. Maybe it's a little frustrating for the beginner, but watching a rider who already dominates it is a spectacle.

Freeride table

One of the biggest differences between freeride and freestyle equipment is the table, which according to the style has different size, shape and flexibility.

The freeride boards are longer and have a directional shape, meaning that the tip is different from the rear. The posture in this table is loaded towards the back of the board to keep the tip on ​powder snow​. Some are more rigid, so that they resist better the high speeds, but it is necessary to consider that this makes them less flexible.  

Tables made exclusively for freeride can be used on track, but it is more difficult to use them.

Freestyle Table

Freestyle tables are shorter, wider and more flexible than freeride tables. They are specially designed to do tricks, slide by structures and are friendlier in the falls if something does not go well. This is why they are easier to use for those who are ​starting in this sport​.

Normally the freestyle boards have a symmetrical design that allows you to snowboard regularly or with the board upside down.

This board can be used in powder level, but is less friendly than boards specially made for freeride.

We must add that here we are making an explanation of the tables that are made specifically for each type of snowboarding, but there is a wide range of tables between both ends, which can be used for both styles. They will not work as well as the ones just explained, but they will work.


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