Espejo de Luna was born as a dream, which goal is to let you see and enjoy nature from a unique perspective. No matter the age or physical condition of the visitors, everyone can go over all the facilities of the hotel thanks to its specially designed path system, which is complemented by traditional Chilote cuisine and ecotourist activities.

Included Services

  • Patio
  • Breakfast
  • Reading room
  • Parking lot
  • Laundry service
  • Private bathroom
  • Lef Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Internet access


Espejo de Luna features cabins for 2, 4, and 5 people, plus a 5 room lodge, mainly thought for the elder, with complete equipment for their needs. The hotel has a privileged view of Gulf of Corcovado and the Andes mountains, where Corcovado,  Michimahuida, and Chaitén volcanoes crown the landscape.

Trips and Patio

You can go over the hotel and its surroundings thanks to its especially designed paths, which make you feel in direct contact with nature. Besides, there are several activities related to the local culture, which range from native gastronomy to cultural ecotourism.

Also, Espejo de Luna has green areas with meadows and a patio for carrying out different activities, like curanto and traditional sticked barbecues. It features two bathrooms and direct access to the beach.

Restaurante Lef

Amidst a superb southern landscape, Espejo de Luna displays its project: a bar-restaurant-lounge with unique characteristics, built inside the hull of a heeled ship with the most noble woods. Filled with delicate details and respect for Chilote ancestral traditions, the bar is a welcoming space of exquisite taste, ideal for sharing a glass of wine next to the warmth of a fireplace, spending time with travelers, locals, and all those who appreciate a good meal prepared with taste and refinement.

All this is complemented with a bar that meets international standards, that offers the most delicious wines, all of which have been carefully chosen to suit the restaurant's gastronomic offer.

  • Fees are per room per night and include breakfast, in U.S. dollars (US$) and equivalent in Chilean pesos (CL).
  • Fees apply to foreign tourists (properly documented with passport or equivalent). These fees consider a tax exemption of the Value Added Tax ("Impuesto al Valor Agregado" or IVA, in Chile). For residents of Chile, a 19% IVA must be added to the fees previously mentioned.
  • Fees may be subject to change without previous notification. These DO NOT apply to events, conferences and fairs.
  • Cancellation Policies: The following fines are considered from the tour start date
    • More than 30 days in advace: 30% of the amount paid per passenger.
    • Between 30 and 15 working days: 45% of the amount paid per passenger.
    • Between 15 and 7 working days: 60% of the amount paid per passenger.
    • Between 7 and 0 before days: no refund.

Km 35 Ruta Chonchi A Queilen, ChiloéCastro

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