Its length reaches 16 cms. The male has the head, neck and upper chest in a bluish gray, like a cap over the olive-yellow body. Meanwhile, its lower belly and undertail are white. The female has the cap of the head lighter than the male, with small black stripes. Both sexes have blackish tail with gray trim. It nests in bushes or on the ground, with a large nest of grass and root fibers, where they place between 2 and 5 blue-green eggs with brown dots.

Family: Emberizidae

Distribution: There are three subspecies in the country. The grey-hooded sierra finch, (Phrygilus gayi gayi), from Atacama to Colchagua; the coastal grey-hooded finch, (Phrygilus gayi minor), from the Chañaral province to that of San Antonio; the austral grey-hood finch, (Phrygilus gayi caniceps), from Aysén to Tierra del Fuego.

Habitat: In summer, in the mountainous area high preferring the well-watered valleys. Low winter to the foothills, central valley and even the area of the coast.