If you like biking, take the next step and take on this new challenge. Mountain biking requires physical and technical strengths, making it the perfect activity for those looking for a new test. Meet the Chilean mountains in the north, center and south of the country, and enjoy privileged access to wonderful panoramic views.

About Mountain Biking:

Mountain-Biking is an activity that consists of going through craggy, uneven areas with the aid of special bikes, the ATBs (All-Terrain Bicycles). These bikes have wide, deep treaded tyres that allow for a greater grip on irregular and slippery surfaces. This activity requires an excellent physical condition, because it doesn't only entail pedalling through rugged paths, but also carrying your own bike in impassable areas.


The origin of Mountain Biking goes back to the early XXth century France. Mountain-Biking World Championships started in 1925, and then the discipline was officially recognised as a sport by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in 1950.

Today it is a very popular activity, that is practised both as a professional sport and as a hobby

Mountain-biking in Chile

There are many options for mountain biking in Chile. In the northern area the dry, rough, inhospitable landscapes dominate the landscape. These routes and paths pose a big challenge for bikers, who must contend with the hot sun, dehydratation, high temperatures during the day, and extremely low ones during the night.

The central zone, on the other hand, offers a more pleasant, temperate climate, and a number of places to travel between the coastal and the low mountain areas. The best options are the national parks and reserves and the secondary roads that cross the area

In the south, Northern and Southern Patagonia, the temperatures are are much lower, and the climate can present unexpected changes. There exists a great variety of trails and secondary roads that cross each of these regions. Carretera Austral is an excellent route to take during the summer.

Atacama Desert and Altiplano

Central Area

  • La Campana National Park
  • Los Cipreses River National Reserve
  • Radal 7 Tazas National Reserve
  • Altos de Lircay National Reserve

Northern Patagonia

Suthern Patagonia


Basic Requirements

To practice mountain-biking there is no need for lessons or instructors. You simply need to know how to ride a bike, have the adequate gear, and have the will to enjoy this activity.


  • Be respectful of nature.
  • Do not litter. If you brought it, take it with you. If you find any litter and are able to dispose of it properly, it would be very much appreciated.


  • Go accompanied.
  • Avoid going off the trails.
  • Wear a helmet at all times.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight can be risky. Wear a hat and use sunscreen lotion.
  • Contact the park staff and your family. Let them know about your itinerary
  • Use good quality equipment and emergency tools.


The basic equipment for practicing mountain-biking is:

  • All-terrain bicycle
  • Water bottle
  • Helmet
  • Suitable clothing
  • Tire-pump
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Patches
  • Tool kit



Federación Ciclista de Chile
Avda. Vicuña Mackenna 40, Santiago
(56-2) 222 8757 - 635 4095


Bike Center
Avda. Vitacura 6459, Vitacura, Santiago
Phone: (56-2) 219 1441
Marin Bikes
Avda. Vitacura 7217, Vitacura, Santiago
Phone: (56-2) 8947065
Eco Bike
Avda. Consistorial 3485, Local 4, Peñalolén, Santiago
Phone: (56-2) 9571078


The Complete Mountain Biking Manual
Author: Tim Brink
Mastering Mountain Bike Skills, 2nd Edition
Author: Brian Lopes



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