Enjoy the experience of sharing and understanding the descendants of pre-Columbian cultures that inhabited Chile. This activity will show you the legends, rituals and customs of the local communities, revealed by their own members.

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These are de destinations where you can Native People

  • Aldea de Tulor

    Aldea de Tulor

    The Tulor is one of the oldest sedentary archaeological sites in northern Chile.

  • Alto El Loa

    Alto El Loa

    El Alto El Loa is considered a green sector within the Atacama desert and can be visited from San Pedro de Atacama on a full day tour.…

  • Araucanía y Los Ríos

    Araucanía y Los Ríos

    The Region of La Araucania and Los Rios are characterized by a strong presence of the mapuche culture and possess in the "Valdivian"…

  • Backyard Pullao

    Backyard Pullao
  • Bahía Wulaia

    Bahía Wulaia

    Bahia Wulaia or Caleta Wulaia is located on Navarino Island, in the area most austral of Chile. In language yagan means "beautiful…

  • Baker River

    Baker River

    Known to be the largest river in Chile, the river receives experts from rafting and kayaking from all corners of the world, this in…

  • Budi Lake

    Budi Lake

    Lago Budi is characterized by being the only salt lake in Latin America. It is located in the Region of Araucanía and is characterized…

  • Calama


    Calama is considered the mining capital of Chile. It is located in the middle of the Atacama desert and is a strategic point to visit…

  • Cape Horn

    Cape Horn

    Get to know Cape Horn, a set of islands that make up the southernmost National Park in Chile.

  • Colchagua Valley

    Colchagua Valley

    The Colchagua Valley is one of the most important in Chile by the production of high quality wine farm. It has vineyards, wineries,…

  • Curacautín


    City and commune located in the Araucanía Region, located near the Lonquimay, Llaima and Tolhuaca volcanos. It was founded in 1882…

  • Easter Island

    Easter Island

    In the region of Valparaíso , the Easter Island is the nexus of Chile with the Polynesia, a place that moves away from the traditions…

  • Iquique


    Iquique is considered one of the most important cities of the North of Chile. Get to know the historic centre, the archaeological remains…

  • Los Flamencos National Reserve

    Los Flamencos National Reserve

    The Los Flamencos National Reserve houses and protects a rich diversity of flora and fauna in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

  • Machuca


    Machuca is a small Andean village with a village of 20 houses, it remains of the Andean plateau and is located a few kilometers from…

  • Peninsula de Rilán

    Peninsula de Rilán
  • Quinquén


    A community of mapuche pewenche, which is generating little by little is services and tourism products such as hiking and horseback…

  • Quitor Pukara

    Quitor Pukara

    Quitor's Pukara is located only 3 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama and was built in the 12th century with a strategic location…

  • San Pedro de Atacama

    San Pedro de Atacama

    San Pedro de Atacama is located 2.500 mts. above sea level, on the north side of Atacama Salt Flat, an area of great tourist and archaeological…

  • Socaire


    Socaire is a typical village of the Chilean altiplano. It is located 90 miles from San Pedro de Atacama and is characterized by its…

  • Toconao


    Toconao is a town that dates back more than 12 thousand years and is located a few kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama

  • Villarrica


    Villarrica is the operational Center for tourists travelling between Pucón and Licán Ray. It has a strong presence of the mapuche culture…