Villarrica is the operational Center for tourists travelling between Pucón and Licán Ray. It has a strong presence of the mapuche culture that it was mixing with the arrival of the Germans in the 19th century.

Embedded on the banks of the Villarrica lake and on the side of the Tolten River’s source, this city shares its name with two great and magnificent natural beauties: the lake and the volcano.

Situated 85 kilometers away from Temuco, the capital of the region, Villarrica has always distinguished itself for being an operational center for tourists due to its conspicuous geographical situation between Pucón and Lican-Ray, and its innumerable services and infrastructure. This fact distinguishes it from the other two resorts where some of the services only function during the summer where as in Villarrica they do it throughout the year.

This city has a very particular character and one quite heterogeneous also. Unquestionably the Mapuche race is latent in its people and culture. The presence of the German community, product of the immigration after the pacification of La Araucanía, the Arab community present in its commerce and the Native, a mixture of these three, has resulted in a very loving and gentle sort of people in their relations with visitors, concerned about the growth of their town and respectful of their roots.

Villarrica map