Outdoor activities, hiking, birdwatching, and even diving. If you thought there was nothing to do in the desert, you where wrong. Here we let you know what to do in Pan de Azúcar National Park.

It is the perfect combination between desert and sea. With cliffs and spectacular panoramic views, the Pan de Azúcar National Park is a paradise for relaxation. But enjoying its beautiful beaches is not the only thing that can be done in this jewel of northern Chile. Its clear skies, its abundant flora and fauna, and its trails make the park the perfect place for a variety of outdoor activities.

Sunbathing: the best panorama and the most performed by many in the  Pan de Azúcar National Park  is to relax on its beautiful beaches. They are wide, and the best part is that there are so many that you can have them just for you. Piqueros beach, Soldado beach, Los Amarillos beach, and Blanca beach, are the best known of the park, but not the only ones. If you venture in search of virgin beaches, chances are you will find them.

Trekking: if the number one activity in the park is going to the beach, number two is trekking. The park has several well-defined trails, many of which end up in incredible viewpoints. To carry them out, it is essential to wear good shoes, sun block, and water.

Diving: if your thing is to get under the sea of intense blue to observe the marine life or the vestiges of ancient sunken ships, then we recommend you to visit Playa Blanca and Playa Los Piqueros.

Mountainbike: for the more adventurous, there is also a panorama in this magical coastal park. Being broad and desert, it is ideal for mountain biking.

Knowing the Pan de Azúcar Island: this National Park has more than 43 thousand hectares in total, 110 of which correspond to an island sector, formed by Pan de Azúcar Island, the Las Chatas islets and emerging rocks called Las Mariposas. To get to know them and see the Humboldt penguins and the sea lions that inhabit them, you can take a boat in the Pan de Azúcar Caleta.

Spot wildlife: The Pan de Azucar is an excellent place to meet face to face with animals in their natural state. Inside the park, it is possible to see foxes, guanacos, some reptiles and different rodents as well as condors and kestrels. In the coastal area, you can have a close encounter with Humboldt penguins, sea lions of one hair, and seabirds such as pelicans and plovers.

Visit the cactus fields: this beautiful coastal park, is one of the best places to find copiapoa globosa, a hermaphrodite cactus that abounds in the area. It is possible to find fields of this species in several points of the park, but you are sure to find them if you walk along the Quebrada del Castillo path.

See the starry sky: the clear nights in the coastal desert are dreamy. You can see all the stars you will never see in the city, the Milky Way and even other galaxies. If you dare to take a telescope and a good chair you may also see Jupiter and its more than 69 "moons".

Take photographs: the animals and flora that make up this ecosystem, together with its beautiful views, make this park the ideal place to take pictures of nature, animals, and landscapes, as well as nocturnal catches of the Milky Way on clear nights.

Camping: for a complete detoxification of cell phones and other screens, we highly recommend camping in the Pan de Azucar. The park has four concessions with camping areas and cabins. The Pan de Azúcar Caleta campsite; the Pan de Azúcar Lodge and the authorized campsites at the Soldado and Piqueros beaches.

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