The Andes mountain range that borders Chile from north to south, has allowed the creation of incredible ski centers, some on volcanoes, others among forests and most with spectacular views. This is our list of the best ski centers in Chile.

Winter is near and on this date the most popular tourist packages within Chile begin to be those that have to do with snow. Chile, which has a mountain range from north to south, has a lot of that, therefore, several ski centers worth visiting. In GoChile we advise you and we leave you with a list of the best places to ski in Chile, they are dreamy!

  • Valle Nevado

It is one of the best ski resorts in Chile for its advanced infrastructure compared to other centers in South America. Its large terrain and slopes attract skiers from all over the world, who are well received as this is the best resort to receive English speaking skiers in the country.

  • Portillo

Recognized worldwide since 1966, it stands out for having one of the best tracks for experienced in South America, and above all, because you will have them for you alone - you will not see crowds in this place-. The resort offers excellent food and service, plus incredible views of the Andes mountain range, the emerald water of the Laguna Del Inca and the steep snow-covered slopes.

  • Nevados de Chillán

He owns the best slopes in South America for beginners and his tracks are made of the best snow in the country, but what most attracts the attention of the experienced, are their off-piste ski areas. But here it is not just about doing snow sports, the area is known for its thermal baths, ideal for letting go of the muscles while watching the three active volcanoes near which the resort is located.

  • Corralco

This is not just a place to ski, it is a place to get away from the routine, connect with nature and if you are lucky, until you see some of the fauna of Chile. In Corralco you will ski among araucarias, with views of lakes of the Araucanía and on the Lonquimay volcano on little crowded tracks. It is family friendly, for its good beginner slopes and attractive for experienced skiers for its backcountry trail. The resort offers good service and an excellent tourist program for guided back-training.

  • Ski Pucón

This resort is popular among Brazilians who come to Chile for the first time to learn to ski, and that is that their beginner tracks are super friendly. The most adventurous are attracted by the option of climbing to the top of the volcano and see it in action, others are satisfied with the spectacular views from the Pucón VillaricaSkiResort. But what stands out most of this center is its location, Pucón is a vibrant and cosmopolitan town during the holidays, which has a million adventures to offer that will make you take a tour to the south of Chile right away.

  • La Parva

It is only 1 hour from Santiago; it has incredible views  and is the owner of the best intermediate land in the country. Here there is no Ski Resort, if not apartments, that is why many choose it to stay for a week enjoying sports and mountain rest

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