Chile is considered one of the best travel destinations worldwide due to its diverse natural beauty.

If you're planning your vacations for 2024, don't hesitate to choose Chile, "a country of salt flats, tropical rainforests, volcanoes, glaciers, and fjords spread over 4,720 km", as described by Lonely Planet, one of the most well-known online travel platforms.

The website has revealed its Best in Travel 2024 list with the 50 must-visit destinations for the upcoming year, categorized into five different groups, from the best countries and regions to places leading in sustainable tourism and those offering excellent value for money. Among these options, Chile stands out as a gem in two of the categories.

Chile offers a wide range of landscapes, from the Atacama Desert in the north, considered the driest desert in the world, to the Patagonia region in the south with its stunning glaciers. It also has a long coastline along the Pacific Ocean and the spectacular Andes mountain range running through the country, providing opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities such as trekking, skiing, surfing, and stargazing.

In the ranking of the best countries to visit in 2024, Chile is in the fourth position, thanks to its geographical diversity. In addition to highlighting salt flats, rainforests, volcanoes, glaciers, and fjords, the publication mentions the revitalization through the expansion of national parks.

In addition to Chile, Lonely Planet's list includes other fascinating countries to explore in 2024. Here is the complete top 10:

  1. Mongolia
  2. India
  3. Morocco
  4. Chile
  5. Benin
  6. Mexico
  7. Uzbekistan
  8. Pakistan
  9. Croatia
  10. Saint Lucia

Chile, the second-best sustainable destination

The pursuit of sustainability is an increasingly important trend in the travel industry. Lonely Planet has also highlighted the 10 leading destinations in sustainable tourism, those striving to preserve nature, local culture, and tradition while combining it all with technological innovation.

In the second place in this category, the choice has been Patagonia, Argentina, and Chile, for the "new routes, constantly growing parks, and one of the most ambitious rewilding projects on the continent, making Patagonia more accessible than ever".

Spain tops the list of sustainable destinations, standing out for its efforts to promote a more sustainable circular tourism model. The list of the top 10 sustainable destinations also includes places such as Greenland, Wales Trails, the Portuguese Way, Palau, Hokkaido in Japan, Ecuador, the Baltic Routes, and Ecolodges in South Africa. Each of these destinations has a unique focus on promoting sustainability and preserving natural beauty.

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